Beginner Snowboard and Binders

  • My snowboard

    New to snowboarding so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I have looked at loads of boards and I'm now totally confused....Especially around size and profile. So much information out there....

    Live in Austria.

    I'm looking for:

    [x] Snowboard

    [x] Snowboard binding

    - [] normal ratchet

    - [] Quick start systems (Flow / Cinch / Expresso / Fastec)

    [] Snowboard boots (The rule number 1 is still: try on in the store !!

    [] Other (protectors, snowboard goggles, snowboard pants, snowboard jacket, etc.)

    Snowboard length: (so far)

    Been looking at between 152-155

    Your body weight:

    68/70kg +-150lbs


    180cm (5.10") Long legs

    Man Woman:


    Shoe size / boot size in Mondopoint and Euro:

    (if boots are already available, please also indicate the outer length in cm)

    Euro 40

    US 9

    UK 7

    Price limit: from: XXX - to: XXX EUR

    up to € 400 for board and bindings

    Driving level:

    Good wake boarder/water ski and can skateboard as well - good sense of balance

    [x] Beginner (1 day to 6 days of experience on the board)

    [x] slightly advanced (you can get down easy / medium slopes without problems)

    [] advanced (you can tackle all slopes and have a safe, good driving technique)

    [] Professional (whether carving, powder sprays or tricks in the park, you've found your style)

    Driving style / area of use - in percent:

    If you are looking for a very special board, for example for rails or for the backcountry, just enter 100%.

    Looking for All Mountain. Not into Park or Rails

    [x] Slope []%

    [x] Deep snow / backcountry []%

    [] Park (kicker / pipe) []%

    [] Rails []%

    If you are looking for a board: Would you like to switch a lot with it?

    [] Yes

    [x] Not really

    Special requests:

    Looking for a board I can use in All Mountain from Beginner though to Intermediate, want to use it in the resort and out on the mountains as my experience improves. Might be asking a lot ;)


  • Hey Rachel

    Let's see if we can help you out here. :)

    My girlfriend is riding the Jones Dream Catcher:…ng/185-dream-catcher.html

    She's fairly advanced, but the board is aimed more at the beginner riders who want to also ride some deeper snow every now and then.

    It's a fairly forgiving board that's great to ride on and off piste. It's a directional shape with setback, but since you're not really interested in riding switch, that would be an advantage, actually.

    Considering your size and boot size, the 154 would be fine for you. (My girlfriend is 162cm tall and rides the 145)

    The 155 Flagship could also be your cup of tea, if you see yourself progress fairly quickly. It's less forgiving than the Dream Catcher, and stiffer too. But not worlds apart, I'd say.…lagship.html#/72-size-146
    If you like to ride fast, then a Flagship would be the better choice, imo.

    I just bought a flagship for myself (162cm male model, me being 180cm, 80kg) and I feel like it's a fairly "easy" board to ride, compared to a lot of other boards I've had under my feet so far.

    I also have the Aviator (female version would be the Airheart), which is an entirely different story and much more demanding to ride. The Flagship is still very forgiving and great fun to ride in softer snow.

    Considering the bindings:
    I would totally recommend getting the Union Legacy, my girlfriend has them and she wanted them no matter the price after testing quite a few other models on a test weekend a few years back.

    Considering your budget...

    If you cannot find new stuff from last season, I'd suggest looking in the bay and other places for used gear.

    During the past few years, Snowboarding experienced a mighty revival and people went and bought brand new gear to start snowboarding again... Only to realise that it's more demanding than skiing and never use that gear again. :D

    Anyways, you can often find "barely used" Snowboards at less than half the price.

    If you're serious about snowboarding, I would stay away from those "set deals" for 400 bucks. You will "outgrow" that stuff very quickly and lust for something better. And then you'll find yourself buying a new set one year later. (Or you get totally hooked and buy new snowboards like underwear, like some of us here...)

    With great powder comes great responsibility

  • Hi Pillowhead (Cool name),

    Thank you for the advice around the board and bindings.

    I did have a look at the Jones Dream Catcher and looks like an all round board which I'm looking for. great reviews on it. Seen a Jones Dream Catcher 151 (2019-2020) for around €300.

    Also like the look of the following as well and what do you think?

    Yes Hello (20/21) 152

    Salomon Wonder (2022) 152

    They both seem good all round mountain boards and reviews.

    So much to choice from and I fully understand how you can end up buying more gear constantly lol


    I don't have any experience with YES or Salomon.

    From these reviews, the YES Hello will be slightly stiffer (thus more stable when going fast) and has a directional twin shape, making it easier to ride switch, but less fun in powder compared to the Dream Catcher.

    Both are camber-rocker hybrids with rockered tip and tail, but mostly camber between the feet. That's a great thing for beginners!

    If you're interested in riding switch, the Hello might be the better option. It sounds similar to the Jones Twin Sister, I guess. Very similar, actually.

    I guess, the Salomon Wonder is very similar to the Yes Hello, albeit softer and with less camber between the feet. That makes it even more forgiving but also less stable.

    With great powder comes great responsibility

  • Hi Pillowhead,

    Another review of the Dream Catcher and it looks overall the better board compared to the Yes and Salomon. I did a comparison on the below website.

    Review of Dream Catcher

    The length of the board.....

    I was told to look for a board between 149-153 so either the 151 or 154 should be ok. Did looks at the specs for the Jones around the shoe size and both would be fine, maybe more room on 154. Actually I like the colours on the 154 :)

    Hi SixtyNiner (Naughty lol)

    My preferred stance is 21.5" - 22"

  • Hi SixtyNiner,

    I found these two Dream Catcher boards, I think I'm leaning towards the 154. The dimensions are basically the same but as I wear a size 40 boot it might be better even even through the width difference is minimal (What do you think?)

    I know it's exceeding my budget but I'd rather spend extra money to make sure I get the correct board and bindings, cannot put a price on enjoyment :)

    Dream Catcher 154

    Dream Catcher 151


    Looked at the Janes Flagship and it might be a little aggressive for me at the moment. Something to work my way up to :)

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  • The Twin Sister is not one that I would recommend in this case.

    It's stiffer and less directional.

    My girlfriend tested both the Dream Catcher and the Twin Sister. She liked the design on the latter better but was very disappointed in the ride experience.

    I don't know why the Jones Twin boards are even there... other companies make better boards for that niche. If anything twin, then the Airheart would be my suggestion, but that's definitely above your rider level as a beginner.

    And you mentioned you don't want to ride switch and no park either, so the twin sister is kinda moot...

    I would go with the 154 because of your body weight. The 151 would end up being too soft, I'd wager.

    You could even look at the Frontier (male version of the Dream Catcher), where you would end up with the 152 being a very good size for you. (if you prefer that design)

    Same weight range, a little shorter.. It could be a tad stiffer, but I doubt it.

    Colours are the same on all sizes for Jones boards. They have a special base design where you play the lottery a little. You either get one or the other, because they use two different colour bases, then cut out the logo stuff and insert it into the other colour base and vice versa. Top Sheet is always the same, though.

    Re: Flagship. I've heard a lot of people mention how "aggressive" it was, but to me it felt rather "playful" and "forgiving", great fun in all conditions. (mind you, my daily driver is the Aviator from Jones, which is considered by many "too aggressive", so I might be biased.)

    With great powder comes great responsibility

  • I agree. I would prefer the Dreamcatcher too. I brought up the Twin Sister due to the really attractive price. Since we know, that rachel doesn‘t intend to put a price on enjoyment, we may expand our search.

  • Morning All,

    The Dreamcatcher is the one, I'd like to get.

    Been looking and the best price I can get on a 20/21 is €375 for a 154

    You can appreciate as much as I say, you cannot put a price on enjoyment, not point in spending over the odds on something and who doesn't like a good bargain :)

    If you can find one cheaper I'll be grateful

  • Morning,

    Thank you both (SixtyNiner and Pillowhead) for your help and advice in getting the right board for me.

    I purchased a Jones Dreamcatcher 154 and bindings so hopefully it will all arrive on Friday :)

    Got all the other gear, except boots as I'm waiting until the shops start suppling winter stuff so I can try on a few pairs.

    Booked a week in late November to go snowboarding so all good

    Thank you again for the advice

  • You are welcome. I hope you‘ll enjoy your new equipment in November. Let us know how it works and if you like it.
    In case you have further questions concerning your new boots, don‘t hesitate to contact us. :)

    BTW Where are you from? I guess you are not Austrian!?

  • Trying on boots in the shop is a great idea.
    Unfortunately, at least here in Switzerland, most shops will focus only on one or two brands and many clerks will try to convince you to buy one of their boots no matter your reservations. (e.g. you try it on and it feels uncomfortable because it's too tight on the sides, bites into your shin, etc.)

    In my experience, a boot should feel comfortable right from the start. (with your toes touching the tip when standing upright, but not/barely touching it anymore when you squat a little - like you naturally do while riding)
    You shouldn't be able to lift your heels inside the boot (at least not by much.. if it feels like you can slip out of a tied-up boot, it's the wrong one!) But it shouldn't hurt your ankles either.

    Wearing them for a prolonged time, your feet shouldn't get "tired" or even "numb", but that's often user error with the lacing system.

    I always recommend rather stiff boots, because they usually last a little longer and they make it easier to "feel" the board and control it. Soft boots are good for park action and jibbing, because the board becomes more "forgiving" to small mistakes, etc.

    My girlfriend got the Burton Felix last year (season-end sale) and she absolutely loves it. (It's a high-priced boot, but it's not over the top... I mean, I have 15yo students walking around in Doc Martens that cost as much and they outgrow them in 2 years... Snowboard boots usually last 5 years.. at least for me they always did :D )

    With great powder comes great responsibility

  • Hi SixyNiner and Pillowhead,

    Here's the kicker!!! lol

    I'm Austrian, born in Graz : D

    Raised in South Africa and then lived in the UK for the last 22yrs hence the English. Busy learning German again as it's really rusty ;)

    Returned to Graz in April for good and just loving been back home. Used to visited twice a year to see family. Being trying to return home for the last 5 years but life got in the way and this thing called 'Covid'.......

    I'll definitely let you know how I get on, super excited about it.

    I'll have a look at the Burton Felix but don't forget I'm the budget girl lol (spent my money on the board ^^)

    Also thought of the K2 Belief but most definitely going to try some on and see what fits and is comfortable.


  • who could blame you for wanting to get away from the UK and back home to Austria?!

    I spent a few weeks in Bristol to work on my English some 6 years ago. While Bristol is a very nice city, I couldn't picture myself living in the UK, ever.

    Maybe in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. To name some English-speaking countries. (or even the liberal north of the US)

    I spent 5 weeks in southern Africa this summer (winter?!) and one of those we were in Cape Town. Beautiful city, for sure. But I never really felt safe. Seeing the blatant inequality makes you start to hate the privileged white folk after no time at all. :|

    With great powder comes great responsibility

  • The UK wasn't to bad, except for the weather (constant rain), lived near Manchester and constantly having to use your car. Not like here in Graz, I walk everywhere, just love been back home.. but the UK did give me good job opportunities.

    South Africa - Different place altogether... It has turned very violent in the last few years, the last time I visited 9yrs ago, even I was afraid and vowed never to return. I do feel sorry for the people. I have friends and family over there and some have been attacked, robbed at home and broad daylight. It is sad as it's a beautiful country.

    I did happen to study to Lausanne a long time ago - loved the city and Switzerland.